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I took 92 pictures today.... unfortunately, they are all in RAW format. I just learned through lots of research, testing and asking around that my issue stems from my switch to RAW which was about 2 months ago. When i am in iPhoto and I export to jpeg, iphoto embeds the photo with the adobeRGB format. When a pic like this is viewed on safari, it looks magnificent, the same way images are seen on a mac in preview or iphoto. On any other browser it looks horrible b/c the browser doesnt know how to handle this format. Prior to shooting in RAW, all my images were embedded by my camera with sRGB, this gets transferred to iphoto and then out to flickr or wherever to be viewed in a browser. From browser to browser the image will look the same, but will still be slightly muted from how they look in preview or iphoto on a mac, but no where near the difference when an adobeRGB is viewed in non-safari. There are lots of ways you can convert the color format but i dont have the time or the energy to figure it out, or to add another step to my posting workflow. But you can read about some of them here:
or here:

Hope all that makes sense. If you are interested and want to know more, let me know. I am going to now upload a few gems from today and after today all pics will look much better!
Second fish of the season.... too small for a keeper though :-( While we were getting ready to go to the beach, we told amber that we were going 'fishing'. Somehow she already associates fishing with going to the beach... she ran around saying "beach... beach" until we got there (we didnt even know she knew how to say beach).
Yummy lobster roll from PJ's for lunch! We try to limit ourselves to just one of these a week, but oh they are soo tasty, the best on the lower cape.... we still have a few places left to try but so far no one elses even come close!

The following pics were all taken in perfect light in our garden to celebrate the summer solstice


Oh! Lovely pictures.

Back in 2006 I took a photo class and asked about color space, and our instructor recommended AdobeRGB. Turns out that is a good recommendation if you're focused on printing with high-end inkjet printers (which we were doing in class) but not so good if you're doing photos for the web or photo printing (non-inkjet). And I've been dissatisfied with the vibrancy of my photos since then, until about a month ago when I started looking into the color space issue and changed the setting on my camera back to sRGB. Now my photos are much more vibrant, but I also think I am getting much more blown highlights. But that is maybe a 1. user problem 2. camera problem (Canon XT) or something else.

So long way of saying, can you set your camera to capture RAW in sRGB?

hmm i am sure i can, but from my research iphoto will still export it with adobeRGB, again i can find a way around it... but right now, i cant... i want to ask at the apple store next time i am in nyc.... maybe we can plan ahead and go to one of the classes or something