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so the last 2 nights, amber has not wanted to go to sleep. Last night she was babbling something about her tummy and her eyes and bees. I thought that she was scared of mosquitoes or other flying bugs in her room (she calls them all bees) and that one got in her eye.... or later I wondered if she also had gas pain and thus all the crying.... anyway tonight it seemed as though we were going to have similar issues. As I was rocking her to sleep, she was going on and on in her Ewokese about her tummy, so knowing she ate a whole lot at dinner (some of it chicken), I asked her if she had chicken in her tummy, said said "No!, Bees!" I cracked up. then i said, "you have bees in your tummy?" and she said "yes" and nodded her head. I guess to a small person who does not yet know all the workings of the world, gas pain feels like bees in your tummy!