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we flew air france. air france has an interesting infant policy. Unlike US airlines, they require you to strap your infant to you when in your lap (i have been on US airlines that forbid you to even have them in an infant carrier during take off and landing, i have also been on us airlines that dont allow you to have the kid in your lap when you have paid for a seat for them). Air France does not care where the kid is, as long as they are strapped in, anytime the seat belt sign is on, or if you might fall asleep. Sounds great in practice, but not for a toddler... not on a 12 hr flight and not a toddler on a 12hr flight who refuses to sleep and has an obsession with buckles. Yep... amber loves to try to do buckles "self self self" so if you buckle it, prepare for screams... screams that dont end until you unbuckle or find something far more interesting to distract with, and let it be known, even fruit loop necklaces are not interesting enough. So sure enough for us, right at the time both amber and i were a little sleepy, the pilot decided there might be turbulance and turned on the sign for 3 hrs.... not one bump. After that for the rest of the flight i lost my stomach dozens of times, but the light never came on and amber was never close to sleep. The few times she did fall asleep it was on me, and for some reason i just could not get comfortable with a 24lb weight on top of me.. i did manage to watch 3 movies between her naps and cartoon watching.
We could not get her to use the headphones, but luckily she was very amused by just watching in silence. Not for long batches of time, but enough to give me breaks and get in a movie :-) (luckily you could pause). I did get her to sit in the car seat from time to time (unbuckled), so i think it was worth bringing on board. Most of the flight was me trying to entertain amber and not wake up the rest of business class. I had 2 bags full of tricks. Sadly none of them really worked out how i had hoped. Not even the treasure bottle which i think i got from this blog. So to sum it up, dave slept 85% of the way here... amber slept less time than she played with buckles, i slept a total of 50 min. Yes 50 min in 30 hrs of travel door to door.