Beneath this bowl of stars...

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Amber (as i am sure most toddlers do), has an amazing ability at noticing things and then calling them out to me. When we lived in New York, she was always spotting puppies, airplanes, birds, and buses (to name a few). She would either make their sound (woof woof, meow, peep peep...) or call out their name. Sometimes I thought she was just playing, but if I looked around, she was always correct. Now that we live on the cape, there are very few airplanes to spot, and barely any buses, so she is learning new things. Tonight she surprised me by calling out 'bunnys, bunnys' (the spelling is correctly incorrect, b/c she adds and 's' to everything right now, but does not mean more than one) from her car seat as we were pulling out of the driveway, and sure enough, there was a bunny in the neighbor's yard.