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I will talk about the flights together in my next post... this is just about our layover in paris.

Everytime we happen to find ourselves in the Charles de Gaulle airport, I am reminded how much i hate this airport, and remember why I dont like connecting through it. top 4 reasons:
-no air conditioning. For some reason every time we are in charles de gaulle its summer. The is no air conditioning.... well there is in some places, BUT since the whole thing is this bazaar shaped thing and all glass, its like a giant sunroom and people are the plants absorbing all the radiated heat.
- the signs make no sense. There is no language french, english, or anything else on the signs, just pictures and numbers and arrows that dont make sense to anyone. You walk around in circles always to the wrong place (once Dave and I accidentally went beyond the exit and for me not a problem, but for him, he was not allowed to pass b/c he didnt have a shengen visa, so he was not allowed out of the airport. We had to spend the next 45min in a security room explaining that we were just lost).
- to get from terminal to terminal you have to take these buses, which is not that big of a deal, but again, no a/c, you now have to go outside in the humidity, and the ride is LONG. Then once in your new terminal, you have to go through security AGAIN!!!
- the airline lounges just suck. There is never enough space for everyone to sit. The food/snack/drink selection is ok, but its just not the same as other airports

By the time be board our flight I am a very sweaty, exhausted, bitchy human being.

Amber enjoyed some french cuisine

Amber took this picture of daddy, behind him you can see the sunroom windows