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UPDATE: mystery solved. First off its seems from my investigation that firefox (the browser that i typically use) uses some type of compression algorithm for viewing any images, even from directly on your desktop... thus anything i view in firefox is going to be compressed and muted. Wow i had no idea. If you want an example, view my blog in firefox and safari (sorry non mac folks, i dont know what it looks like on anythign else right now). In safari my header image is bright and beautiful, but in firefox, it is muted and dull. For this image I sized it prior to uploading to blogger, so blogger is not doing anything to it. For images that i dont size myself, blogger compresses and causes the same muting, even in safari.

So what this means for me, is 1) i am going to size all my images apon upload and 2) i might start using safari or some other browser, b/c this means this might be happening for other blogs i read as well.

If anyone has any thoughts or other info about this, please let me know.

photo tour
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so i have noticed that all of my pictures are muted... something is happening when i upload them. I am testing the "blog this" feature in flickr to see what happens. The first pic will be from flickr and the second is uploaded directly to blogger