Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

so today Amber and I had our first suburban mall experience, complete with lunch in the food court (I tried to get her to eat the cajun chicken or the japanese chicken or the chinese chicken, but no she rejected them all.... i got her apples with her nuggets, but I ate the apples and she ate my fries):
puppies in the window: (i think its really sad that they have still have pet stores like this in malls... i wanted to take all the puppies home)
and riding in a boat: (we also road the carousel)
we had a great time. She only had 5 meltdowns.. thank you mcyds for selling cookies for me to take along as bribery food. Its amazing what the offer of a cookie can do, even for an 18mo old (she would come running from across stores, out of window displays, and even put down stuffed animals).