Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

today was a really long day. We had to drive daddy to the airport early early, got up at 5am, but little did i know, we were not leaving the house until 6:45 (dumb me). We walked along the bike path in the province lands. We took some pictures and talked about trees and pine cones. It was only 8am and already I needed a shower. Luckily for our melting bodies, our walk was cut short b/c we were being followed and then attached by mosquitoes, swarms and swarms of them.Next stop, home for snack, watering the plants then to the library for story time. Unfortunately the library had not updated their website since 2003, and story time is now 10:30; we arrived at 11 :-( we played and found books about trees. Next we went to a couple stores in town, found a book about puppies with flaps for 50cents at the thrift shop and went to have pizza for lunch. Poor little amber missed lunch. Too bad for her b/c it was fantastic pizza. The place just opened, Wellfleet Town Pizza, and i will most definitely be a frequent customer.

Back at home Amber ate or rather chewed her food. When it got time to swallow, she either forgot how, or read about some new diet that she decided to try, b/c no matter what i gave her, cottage cheese, cheese, apples, grapes, they all got chewed up nicely and then spit right out. We moved on to watercolor painting. Amber seemed to really like this activity

but in the end she was more interested in investigating the paints and their box... she seemed to see it as a most interesting contraption, and didnt even really notice the paper that she was intended to put the paint on.

We ended the day with a walk to the end of our road. Amber made it her usual distance before asking to go on my back. It was a nice evening but still really really humid. The tide was high so Emma had a good swim. You can see her after making a sand angel here:

my favorite thing that amber said/did today was when she said her first full sentence, "Yay, Emma, good girl!"