Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

We made it!Amber's first reaction to being in china was, dada, dada, dada.... everyone looks like dada. He went off to gather our luggage and she was looking for him. She kept thinking she saw him, I guess b/c she is used to picking out the asian guy, but here every one seemed to look like dada.

Once we got to our hotel, and got cleaned up, we went out for some lunch, b/c of course the first thing you want to do after 30 hrs of travel where you were served 5 meals and tons of snacks both on the plane in the lounges is to go and eat more. We went to a place across the street that I had read about on some blog (will update with link later). I went for their pumpkin soupAfter our meal, a homeless or poor guy came up and asked dave if he could have our leftovers, he of course said yes and the guy dumped them all (soups and plates) into a plastic bag and went on his way. As we stood up to leave, another guy came and took my leftover water bottle with water in it. I thought at first he wanted it to recycle, turns out he wanted it for the water too.

There are so many things to take a picture of here... i could just walk around with my finger on the button taking pics and write a post about each one b/c everything is so different from the US, that its all picture worthy.

I look enough like a tourist being white, blond in my hair and with a baby in a stroller that I dont like the idea of walking around with a giant camera, so i probably wont take too many good shots until the weekend when dave is out and about with me.