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so 3.5 yrs in the big city preceded by around 10 in what we like to call the village of Boston (b/c thats what it seems like compared to nyc), might have scarred my vision of a country life for myself. trash and bugs might drive me crazy, and yes as you can imagine trash leads to even more bugs. First off, wellfleet is known for a lot of things. Calm beaches with beautiful dunes, miles of hiking and biking, dozens of art galleries, oysters, clams, fishing, but also spiders. I was talking to the librarian the other day and there are 100s of types of spiders in wellfleet (so its not just my house). There are sand spiders that live in the sandy soils near the beach, there are forest spiders who thrive in piney acidic soils, there are your run of the mill house spiders, swamp spiders (yes there are several swamps in wellfleet), and the list goes on and on. There are also millions of ticks. Deer ticks and dog ticks, we find them everyday (not in us luckily). There are june bugs (which our cat loves to catch), gnats, swarms of mosquitoes, a millipede in my kitchen, earwigs (i just learned what these are one night when i was reading about bugs before i went to bed... they really creep me out). There was a beetle in my sink, bees, wasps, flies, moths (currently about 80 in my house), ants, i could go on and on. I really really dont like bugs in my house. My in-laws got a bug vac. I laughed when i saw it (prior to moving out here) but then begged for them to bring it. Unfortunately it was not what i had dreamed. Not only does it kill the bugs (i thought it would just put them in a cup and then you could take outside or something) but it just does not work.

next is the garbage. I am going to be one of those old ladies who lives in a house with garbage all around her. For some reason, even though its soo easy and a great activity for amber and I, I just cannot seem to make it to the dump. It's just always last on my list of things to do for the day and they close at 4, and its 20 min away, so if i am not loaded and ready to go by like 3:30 forget it. I knew that I had to go before dave gets back this week (especially since i never went last week heehee). But of course here it is thursday morning and all the trash is still sitting around. Well last night some critters finally found it. They also discovered the bugs that were inhabiting its contents. Lets just say that I have countered the good I will be doing with all my recycling that I will drop off by my use of garbage bags to contain the above mentioned bugs from escaping into my car. Also thank heavens my in-laws stock the house with rubber gloves and heaping quantities of contractor bags.

Maybe I will pay for private trash pick-up and call in an exterminator.
its 9:38am and i need a drink.


but have you spotted any praying mantises yet?

b-lech. I can't believe you have to haul your trash to the dump! That's terrible. It would never happen here. We too would have piles of it. Until one day we had to rent a moving van to haul it all out. Just ask our neighbors about how we handle recycling cardboard boxes...

I also can't believe you lived in the big city for 3.5 years - how did 3.5 years go by??

no praying mantises, but i will probably find one tomorrow when i open the fridge to get out the milk....

yep 3.5 yrs in nyc, i cant believe it went so fast. I actually had to use a wheelbarrow to get the garbage to the car!!