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so we are now leaving a full day sooner than we were originally planning (its complicated by really dave and i just dont do well when planning flights and hotels and meetings and connecting flights, even when we use travel agents). So I am just now packing. What to pack, what to pack. A friend asked me earlier, 'what does one pack for china?' well Dave had a great answer... nothing. Everything is made in china so you can get it all when you get there :-)

Our old suitcase broke on my last trip home to Oklahoma. On that trip not only did the airline lose my bag on the way there, but on the way home i had to pay extra b/c they claimed it was too heavy and then when i got it, the handle was broken off. Anyway, we needed new suitcases. First I bought 2. Nice. Big. 4 wheels each. Dave was not pleased with my fancy rollers (even after i commented that without them i never would have made it to the car with 2 suitcases and a toddler). So today i brought home 2 more. We started packing a little while ago, and about 5 min later dave announced that he had a little room left in his (he wanted the 32in World Voyager)... I think he has enough room to fit just about everyone that reads this blog. He really is packing just about nothing!

Dave also does not want me to bring the car seat, or more than one carry on for all of us. I really dont think he understands what 22hrs of travel with a toddler is going to be like.


Dave's nuts. Car seat is a *requirement* for a 22hr flight. I've done both ways and with car seat, although more to carry, is *far* easier when on the plane than without. If he's that concerned, get the one that converts to a rolly one.