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there will be no elaborate first post to this blog.... b/c if i waited for that to happen, nothing would ever get posted... i also had great plans all day for this post, but alas, here it is 9 min to midnight and i dont have enough brain power to even remember what my title was supposed to mean.

I think i just wanted to comment on how amber currently calls her tummy, or my tummy, or dada's, nai nai's or anyone's tummy, tummies, she also calls diapers, diapees. It is very cute and tempts me to call them the same... i just think that its funny that she started calling them by those names on her own.

She is also really really into doing things all by her self. She will call out "self", "SELF!!" when she wants you to let go or back away or just leave her alone to walk up or down stairs, eat, play, just about anything and everything. I even caught her telling Nai Nai to "stay" haha.

We started Time outs today. had 3. two for torturing the cat and one for throwing food on the floor. For all of them i asked her if she knew why she had a timeout when she was done and each time she said yes and told me why (mao or food).... so i think this is a good start.... but it was so so so hard not to crack up when i was standing there with my arms crossed waiting for time to be up.


Amber is so cute! At least she's saying "SELF!" At this age, Elisabeth used to say "YOU do it. YOU do it" but she meant that she wanted to do it, but since we always referred to her as "you" - she thought that was her name. It was mighty confusing...