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Monday it was raining again. This time not quite as bad as friday, but bad enough for me to not bring out the stroller. Getting around with Amber on my back is so easy compared to strolling! The problem was I was exhausted and in pain after a little over an hour, not to mention wetter under the umbrella from sweat thanks to the humidity and the heat from a 24lb kid. I left the big camera at home to help lighten the load, but even with just the small one I still felt bad taking pictures of locals, so I didnt get the shots I really wanted, or at least not the detail.... but i did capture a few sights:
A common thing to see in Shanghai is people using bikes and carts for transporting things. This guy seemed really determinedA typical corner with corner store. Enlarge photo to see more detail... so similar to nyc, but also so different.I was walking at lunch time and all the little stores/stalls that sell snacks and noddles were hopping with customersYummy Asian fruitsTasty Dumplings (didnt get as close as i wanted)Selling fruit from the back of a bikeA cart loaded with a menagerie of junk for sale