Beneath this bowl of stars...

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Amber acquired 3 pairs of new shoes on this trip. The first I got her at a fake market b/c she is about to outgrow her sandals, these were really soft and real leather, and only $7.13!!! The next we got in the water town from a little old lady who made them. You can see shoes and shoe parts in this picture. She was doing embroidery when we arrived. These were only $2.80. Her final pair are some hot pink fake Crocs. They crack me up b/c they even have the real url printed on the shoes :-) She loves them the most b/c she can put them on all by herself really easily. She is very close to getting the sandals on herself, but it takes a while. The crocks were $3.50. Good thing we got them b/c when we went to music class yesterday all 5 of the other kids (age 8mo - 3yrs) all had some variety of crocs or croclike shoes... she would have been really left out :-)