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Right off the walking section of Nanjing Lu, is a place called Shanghai Number 1 food Store, which is a department store for food. (Department stores for anything in Shanghai (and possibly other parts of asia) are more true department stores than in the US. In a clothing store, each brand is divided into its own department, and has its own branded shopping bag, signage, etc. Much like the makeup counters we are used to. In the food store, its a little more like being at lots of stores at once. Many departments have similar things, so in a way its like a market with different vendors, but there are also sections.) We found ourselves in the prepared foods section. There was one little vendor who's sign read "Angel Taste Bud". I have no idea what this is supposed to mean, or why one might find this name appealing and want to try their food. But to Dave it did look tasty.