Beneath this bowl of stars...

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Dave took me to the "old street" to the area of the the temple of the town gods. If you didnt know better, this would just seem like a tourist mall. All the buildings have the type of chinese style architecture that you see in postcards. People, mostly tourist groups, and souvenir stands are everywhere! We went to a restaurant in the midst of it all that is very famous b/c former president Clinton ate there once. It was yummy, as you will see below.
This is one of the buildings that line the areaThere were all sorts of little food stands selling all sorts of interesting looking snacks, we could not try them b/c we were off to dinner. There were some cute little dough animalsSnacks on a stick!This is a soup bun. They serve it with a straw so that you can suck out the juice.Dim Sum apps... yum yum. Shanghainese dim sum is overall sweeter than the dim sum that is typically served.Beer. One size. Cheap.Amber opening her sticky rice (she didnt eat it, just wanted to play)Tofu was Amber's favorite dish of the night (surprise), she enjoyed eating it out of this little bowl.At night all the buildings light up


I think we've been there too! I'll have to go back and look at our pictures to confirm - but it looks like the same place. That's where we had those yummy apples on a stick I told you about.