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We were starting to run out of things to see and do in Shanghai mostly b/c everything left required walking and viewing outside and lots of brainpower to appreciate things. I read in my book and on some blogs about recommended things to see and each thing i read told me to go to a street called TaiKang and walk up and down and check out the shops, galleries and cafes and be sure to go down alley number 210. Our driver thought we were nuts for wanting to go to this little street. (first let me state that so far our driver does not seem to know any of the sights in Shanghai or how to really get around, next he took us to the wrong street!) Both Dave and the driver thought out stop would be a short one... that we would be let out on one end of the street and 10-15 min later we would call the driver from the other end to come get us. Luckily I was right again! We found a travellers heaven. A maze of twists and turns of tiny little alleys all with shops, galleries bars and cafes redone inside to appeal to westerners (with prices to match). It was very much like soho in NYC only on a mini scale, with cobblestone at your feet. If it had not been so hot, and if we didnt have the stroller we would have explored each establishment to the fullest and taken many more pics.