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In Asia there are all sorts of fruits that we dont typically find here. We dont know the name of the two that we had and enjoyed, at least not the english name. There was one we were looking for that you can evidently only get for 2 weeks a year in the end of June, but we just missed it. You can easily find common fruits like bananas (around 17cents each) and watermelon (its everyhwhere!! every street stand, backs of bikes, carts, you cant go 20 meters without being able to buy one), they even have blueberries and strawberries in the international markets... for $9 a tiny little container!!!!)

Here amber is enjoying some mystery fruit. She thought it looked like strawberries and so thats what she called it and ate it just as quick. Here is a close up of that fruit
This is a typical walking fruit vendor. We bought this fruit from someone like him on our first afternoon. (the fruit he is carrying was another mystery fruit that we really liked, but i failed to take a picture. It has a think brownish purple skin that you peel off to reveal a white fruit with the consistency of a kiwi and similar taste minus the tart, but has sections like an orange and a tiny pit like a plum. Many places serve fresh fruit juice. I had never let Amber have juice before, but i decided that since it was so hot out and she was not eating very much, the sugar and calories would be good for her. Her first juice was apple, fresh squeezed served in a guinness glass :-) Later that day (back at the same bar) she had watermelon, obviously it didnt deserve guinness