Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

I've been quiet this week since my laptop is being fixed.... so still no pictures, but here are amber's favorites for the week:

Food: toast (raisin with butter)
Word: funny - she likes to go around telling me or Grammy that we are funny, and some times "so funny". Emma is also sometimes funny as well as her animals and dolls.
Toy: Slide - Grammy sent up Amber's slide from Oklahoma. Its out in the yard and every time we are coming or going we have to slide. She looks out the living room window when in her chair and sees the slide and then wants to go.
Action: Dancing - Amber sure had a lot of energy this week. Grammy always laughing got her revved up and ready to play, at times she would just start dancing and singing around. She has a cute little bounce in her step when she dances.
Song: Toss up with Itsy Bitsy (which she asks for with her fingers and tries to do it with you, her favorite part is the sun with fingers on your face) and Obwisanasana which she sings in the car.