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so we made it home again. I have many many posts to catch up on... oh and speaking of that, I have been posting out of order for this trip, so once i am finished you might want to go back to around June 25th and scroll through all my posts to make sure you didnt miss anything. The flight was long. Longer than the way there. At 5.5 hrs into the first one, I thought I might not make it (at least without going totally insane). Amber was wide awake b/c it was about 4:30pm according to her internal clock. Dave was fast asleep, and they had the cabin all dark like you were supposed to be sleeping. I cant figure out who from what country to what country would need to sleep on that flight. Shanghai to Paris from 11am Shanghai time to 5pm Paris time, 13hr flight, other then sleeping for boredom, there really is no need to sleep. This brings me to my complaints about our never to be flown again French airline. First off, they are the french I suppose, but airline food is airline food, so no matter how much better their wine, cheese or cuisine might be, it still tastes like crap at 35000 feet. Dave and I have flown our share of international flights in business class, so i guess i have some level of expectations. I had been looking forward to my warm nuts and cocktail when we were boarding back on June 23 for weeks, but no. Not on our french airline. They dont even give you anything to drink until taxi time, at which point they come by with chamapagne or OJ in a tiny little shot glass. On other airlines they serve business class one by one, no carts. But on this airline, you have to wait for the cart, for drinks and food. Did I mention that they are french? And whats the one thing we all know about the french? Yes, they are rude, and rude these flight attendants were, especially to us and Amber, treating her like a second class citizen, that is until they finally figured out that we have paid for the seat she was sitting in and she was in fact entitled to the chicken entree we requested for her. (initially we were told that she could only have the chicken at the end if there was a chicken left over). On the way there we were told various things about our car seat. Everything from, it wont fit in the seat so it must be checked, to she cant sit in the seat with out it, to how they were accomidating our need for a seat by allowing it.... On the way home, we checked the seat, and as much as I hate to admit it, Dave was right. The flight was much better without the seat. Yes, Amber was still climing all over me and her seat like a jungle gym, but she loved sitting like a big girl and even slept for a while on the second flight in her 180degree bed. Also we didnt have to deal with hauling it around the airport and going through security twice (since you have to go back through in Paris). We purchased the GoGoBabyz wheel attachment on our way to the airport before we left, but i have to say it was not at all worth it. Not to hard to put on, but it requires about 10min of screwing so when you are trying to get settled in your seat, or trying to get off the plain, it is very annoying.... and depending who your secruity person is, they may or may not ask you to remove it at the xray. From now on, we check the seat. I also realized that this age is possibly the most difficult for flying. Too old to just sleep for most of the time and to be cute to all the other passengers. But too young to really be able to watch cartoons or color or do other games/activities that take more than 5 min. At 5.5 hrs, when we had handled every toy in our bag, they were playing the same cartoons as on the way there, and no food or sleep was in sight, I was stressed. Oh yeah, back to my comments.... we were STARVING on the way back. They fed us right as we got on and right as we got off, but not in the middle, so thats like 10hrs without food! they had ice cream and these disgusting cheese filled cracker things. They also only had Heinekin for beer and ran out 7hrs into the flight! They never offered Amber a heated towl but did have toys for her on these flights (must have just started July 1). I was able to get 3 movies in, even though it meant ignoring amber or watching with her in my lap... but that makes me happy... and now that i think about the first movie i watched, it seems like it was last week, when really it was this morning. Oh and it was so weird that we had 25hrs of daylight, as we were landing in boston and my watch said 8:45, it felt like 8:45 am, even though i had not yet seen dark and even though the sun was setting and it was 8:45pm. Oh and I never finished from before..... on the 13hr flight, they closed all the shades to make us sleep, only so that they coudl be lazy and not have to attend to us. They also turned up the heat b/c we were all sweaty, i guess they thought it would help us sleep, little do they know, i need it to be freezing to sleep.

Dave learned as we landed that he has to go back next week. He is going to travel with the Swiss, see how they are. He just weighted himself... he lost 8lbs! I gained 6. I dont really see how. I ate very little and he stuffed himself like a pig! I blame MSG for water weight for me... he's just a freak of nature.