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One of Amber's first words was 'uh-oh' and another was 'open this'. Over the last few months she has said them all the time and with various meanings. My favorite use of 'uh-oh' is every night as I put on her pajamas, her hand gets a little stuck and she says 'uh-oh'... it never fails... every night. The funniest use of 'open this' might be for her wanting a beer (obviously i didnt open it). Lately as her vocabulary has been expanding like the big bang, she has progressed into using other words to convey her need for my assistance. Once common uses for uh-oh have become '____ oh ____' fill in the blank with anything; 'water oh water', 'baby oh baby', 'cheese oh cheese', 'dada oh dada' all of these usually occurring when the item in the blank falls or is dropped ('dada oh dada' was in reference to dave's picture which she likes to carry around when we are in oklahoma). Open this is has transformed into 'help' and 'fix it' both of which are usually followed by 'mama'. For a toddler, the need to tell those who care for them that something is not right and needs assistance is a common necessity, a good friend of mine has a similar recent post.