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While my mom was here, she was working with Amber on things like 'please' and 'thank you'.

Amber has already been great at "bless you" she says it to anyone and everyone anytime she thinks they sneeze, which can be after real sneezes, coughs, laughs, or just some noise. Its very cute and been going on since she was about a year. For about the last 2 months Amber will say 'please' sometimes on her own, sometimes when you say "what do you say?" and sometimes when she doesn't get what she wants, then she will resort to please, and of course when a tiny little girl says please, you can't really resist, even if you were not planning on cooperating. Well, my mom would say to her, "what's the magic word?" to get her to say please. One time (i forget what she was asking for), she asked for something, we didnt give it, then she said "please.... (pause) its the magic word" it was really funny.

Amber has also from time to time said 'Thank you', but she is very good at XieXie (thank you in chinese). When we were in china she would say it to waiters when they brought us things at the table and everyone ate it up. With both 'thank you' and 'xiexie' she will now often do it on her own, or right after you say it, which can be really funny.

Sorry has become her word for when she knows she has upset you or hurt you (or a doll). Sometimes she has to be told that someone is sad or hurt, but other times she knows and she will both say "sorry, ____" (fill in the blank of who it is she is talking to, mama, grammy, emma, baby, monkey) and give them a pat on the shoulder and sometimes a hug. (Hugs are one of her new favorites, she will go around asking people/dolls/dogs for a hug).

This morning as we were leaving the bedroom, Emma was sorta blocking the doorway, as Amber stepped around Emma and went through the door, she said "Excuse me, Emma". Maybe mom and Amber worked on more than just please and thank you, or maybe I have a future Miss Manners on my hands.