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This yummy dish was a crab, which is one of Amber's favorite words/animals. She loved screaming out CRAB CRAB CRAB when she saw it.

one of the things I found very annoying traveling with a toddler in shanghai is that 95% of the restaurants do not have high chairs (i guess this is where one of those phil and ted's clamp on seats would come in handy, however we still would not have carried it with us each time we went out since it was so hot, we tried to carry as little as possible). So take the fact that Amber is jumping around in her own chair, mix that with the fact that many times she was overdue for a nap or bedtime, toss in chopsticks and a table full of food (we always way over ordered just so we could try more food) and you have a very stressed out mommy. At one dinner the waitresses were so in love with Amber that they kept coming over and taking her and carrying her all around the crowded restaurant showing her to all the people, showing her the fishtanks. Dave even said that if we asked them they would take her away for the whole meal.... maybe that is better than a high chair, free babysitting!

someday I might get around to uploading a video of her literally bouncing off the walls.