Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

We walked to daddy's office, not on purpose, but I we were out strolling and I checked the map to see where we were and his office was only one block away. It was crazy hot outside, and we were melting, so I decided a quick stop was a great idea. On the way we walked through a very interesting area. One one block there were lots of shops that sold things for your home. Furniture, rocks on pedistals (common chinese art i guess, dave's aunt had some in her home), and shops that sold fish with giant fish tanks (also in dave's aunts home), and shops that sold all sorts of pets like turtles, snakes, birds, crickets and such. These were definitely for pets and not for food (as dave asked me when i told him about these shops).


I love pets that is why I also like visiting different pet shops where I can pick a nice pet.