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so when you go to bed at 2, after just having a beer and you are woken up at 4:45 by a laughing kid who it jumping on your tummy neighing (wanting you to play horsey) and screaming something about rhinos, and you finally roll out of bed just after 5, does that mean its time for coffee? We are not doing as well adjusting to the time difference as we did on the way there. I think it has something to do with the excitement of a new place and not wanting to waste time sleeping and being home and the pressure to get back on schedule. We got here Tuesday night just before midnight. Amber had slept in the car just under 2 hrs. Prior to that she slept maybe a total of 4 or 5 hrs on the plane. We decided to all stay up for a couple hrs to get her tried. We went to bed around 2 and she woke me up at 5:30. Dave stayed in bed b/c, well he had to work. by 10am Amber was done, but I was unable to get her to sleep until 11:30. I finally fell asleep around 12:30, even though I was exhausted and almost fell asleep pushing her in the stroller. At 3, I woke up and decided that although we could probably both sleep at least another 4hrs, we should get up. Amber took about 1.5hrs to fully wake up, she was not at all pleased that I decided it was daytime. Just before 6, i was done again. I had full intention of both of us getting up at 8 and going down again at 11. But when Amber was still sleeping soundly at 9, I decided i woudl rather her get as much rest as possible so that if i had to be up with her she would at least be somewhat agreeable. Around 10 she started waking up, but I managed to get her to keep sleeping until Midnight. (meanwhile dave went to bed at 7:30). At 2 we decided to go to bed again. By 2:40 she passed out. 2 hrs later, she's ready to go.

Which brings us back to the rhinos. As yes, I taught her about rainbows on our trip b/c we saw 2. The last one was out the rainy plane window. Well I guess she either got confused or thinks that whenever there is rain on the window there might be a rainbow. So she was saying rainbow and pointing to the window.

She also learned about sleep. She can tell you when you are sleeping, and when she wants to sleep, but by that time, you are no longer asleep and she was really just kidding about herself... but I hope that this is a first step to truly understanding what it means to be sleep time. (she says mama sleep, dada sleep).

Another cute thing... yesterday she really wanted to go to the beach... somehow she remembers that we go to the beach here, b/c at one point she walked to the car screaming beach beach beach and turned around stomping her feet and saying beach and pointing... but i didnt have the energy to even drive there.