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This afternoon I was in the kitchen and I hear Amber screaming something from her reading room. I walk in and she is sitting there with her NaiNai reading a library book. The same library book that I had read to her for the first time this morning. Usually when Amber and NaiNai read, Amber is the one who does the reading. She picks books that I read to her and clings to one or two main themes. For example, one book is about a bear and a ladybug who have a flower that needs sunlight. They go around asking all the animals if they know where the sun lives and all the animals tell them "no, but...." so when amber reads it, she says "no, no, NO" and points her finger and says the name of the animal along with some babble. It is quite cute.

The book Amber was reading today was about a girl named Stella and her brother Sam who go looking for fairies. Amber was screaming "STELLA... STELLA... STELLA" on each page and pointing out her hair and saying "head". It's truly amazing how she picked up on that and remembered it after one reading several hours later.

Here is the book, you can
it on amazon.