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today was the day of temples.
we started out planning to see 4, but due to the insane heat, we only made it through 2. Lots of buddhas, lots of praying, lots of incense. The first was the temple of the Jade Buddha. You had to pay to enter and then pay again to actually see the Jade Buddha, which was housed inside this room that didnt look much like a temple. It was nice, but photos were not allowed. This guy was paintin these incredible landscapes all with his hand.... basically advanced fingerpainting! He claims that he is one of only 5 people in all of china who can do this. All of them from the same family, and only his family has ever done this. We find that hard to believe, but it was still amazing. We bought one.

The next temple was the Jing'an Temple. Its right on the big shopping street, very close to our first hotel. The neat thing about it, is that all around it are huge skyscrapers and bustling modern life. So to be inside and see the contrast is quite interesting. Dave thought the monk on the cell phone with the latte was hilarious.