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This is my 100th post! (it might not actually be 100 in the order b/c I still have china posts that i want to go back and complete).

We have some of those really handy cabinet locks that you stick on and then open with the magnet key. I love the ease and non-permanence of them, but they are not the best idea to have at least in the same room in which you keep your laptop.

Last week Amber got a hold of the magnet key, I think b/c we had discovered that our granite was magnetic and we were having fun sticking the magnet to the granite, rather than on the fridge. She likes to climb up on the kitchen chairs to get to the table, the table where our laptops usually live. She then of course wants to play on the computer (she knows which one is mine and which is dada's and will tell you when you are using the wrong one). Well, this time she placed the magnet nicely onto the wrist rest of the computer, or maybe the magnet was just drawn to that spot. I instantly thought, oops, thats probably not good, and I pulled it away and just forgot about it. The next day I had to reboot, but my computer thought otherwise.

When we dropped it off, Apple said that it was the logic board and that the hard drive was fine. Whew i thought, since i had not yet backed up all the china photos. They called me on thursday to tell me that it was also the hard drive and they were trying to recover my data. On a second call when they told me it didnt work, I sadly told them all I wanted was the photos and they happily called back later stating that they do not normally just transfer some files, they only do a full image, but they would make an exception and try and in the end, they were successful... so I have all my photos!!!

I probably won't be able to pick it up until next weekend, so a whole week without any computer :-( but when I get it back, it will have a new screen, hinge, top outer case, trackpad, buttons, power cord jack and pannel around it, logic board and hard drive! All for free since it was in the last week before my warranty ran out!

So the moral of the story is: don't play with magnets around laptops, and if you must, be sure you have a backup and do it before your warranty runs out.