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Most women in Shanghai use an umbrella every day. (at least in the summer). When it's raining just about everyone uses a cheap version of the tall cane umbrellas rather than the black folding type that you see all over NYC. On sunny days, the women (and some men) carry folding sunbrellas. They have beads and sequins and are usually pastel colors with silver UV backing. The main reason for this is that having a tan is looked down upon b/c the poor who work outside in the fields have a tan.... so the more affluent you are, the paler you want you skin to be. On a really hot and sunny day no one wears sleeveless shirts, in fact you see some women with a sweater over their short sleeves, and they all carry a sunbrella. At first I just found this odd, but as the heat progressed I realized that it was also for shade... and at less than $1 an umbrella, I came close to getting one. I wonder why this trend has never caught on in NYC? If you look close at this picture you can see a woman with an umbrella in front of the newsstand. I wanted to get a better one, but I just never did.