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Got my computer back last night... so far so almost good. I have been able to back up everything I can think that i might need, so thats a relief. They upgraded my operating system from tiger to leopard for free! a nice surprise..... but for some reason my keyboard keeps stopping working from time to time... and they said that my 1800memory RAM that we upgraded last november has also failed... so its a little slow. MY warranty runs out tomorrow at midnight, I think we are going to buy the extended 2 more year for $350... its seems like a lot, but if I subtract the $130 I would have spent on leopard, and think about how much all of the repairs would have cost and if there is something else really wrong with my keyboard... i really think that we should do it. We are also going to purchase Time Capsule so that my backups will happen every hour and I dont have to worry about rebooting (like I am right now, see i should probably reboot and maybe the keyboard issue will go away, but since i have not backed up the photos that they recovered, I am scared to reboot until I do so, since thats what happened last time).