Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

Back in February when we were on vacation in Key West, Amber and I had gone to the supermarket to get food and other supplies (we had a condo). As I was pondering the beer selection I realized that Amber was meowing from the shopping cart. Intregued by this, I glanced over at her and followed her gaze to a display of greeting cards, one of which is a cat :-)

Over the next few weeks she started mooing at milk cartons and barking at dogs on the streets. This then grew to pointing out animals (dogs, cats, horses, birds, and cows (always on dairy products)) by either name or sound as well as a few non-living things such as airplanes, buses, and phones. I would hear her yell from the stroller, A-P, A-P or puppa, puppa, and look for the plane or dog, and sometimes I thought she was crazy or wrong... but sure enough, if i looked long enough, hard enough and creatively enough, she was always right. I was proud of my budding little learner/talker so curious about her world.

Recently Amber's vocabulary has really exploded. Sometimes it takes me a while to figure out what she is saying, especially when its a word she has never said before, and especially now that she is putting words together.

Today we were sitting in the living room and Amber said 'b-piter.... B-piter' and looked over at the window. I thought I misheard her so i asked her to repeat it, she points in the direction of the window/corner of the room where the walls are blank and says 'b-piter' and then looks at me with a face that asks why i am just sitting there ignoring her and beginning to look a little worried. I try and try to figure out what she can possibly be saying that starts with a 'b' and has to do with either the window, wall or corner. Eventually I realize that 'b-piter' is 'big spider' and sure enough there is a BIG spider on the ceiling! (i'm talking 3inch diameter, it was a daddy long-legs) She said it one more time and i now could totally make out the 'g' and 's' and felt really silly for only hearing 'b-piter' at first, and truly amazed that she can associate the concept of big with a spider. (maybe b/c we always sing about the itsy bitsy spider, but i dont think i have ever shown her an itsy bitsy spider... hmmmmm )