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so i was so excited when the apple people told me that they were able to recover my photos.... when i turned on my computer I checked and it seemed that yes they were all there. I needed to find a picture of myself to upload to facebook b/c everyone keeps bugging me that I dont have one.... this is when I noticed that while they did find all my photos, they only found the thumbnails. My 60G of photos was now contained in 1.8G. Luckily I have a backup of everything up to June 23... so everything but china and the 2 weeks after. I moved the recovered libraries to my external drive and I am now waiting for the backup to finish copying, all my finger and toes are crossed. Assuming this works, I still have a lot of work ahead of me. Once all the photos are here, I will only have 2G of free space, and I wont even have the last month of photos moved over here. So I have to archive my older photos. I will make a second iphoto library that i can use (not a backup, i will have to make a backup of this one someplace else). I guess I will do it by year and only keep 2008 on this computer. Since I am now scared of hard drives crashing, I want more backups, so I am going to try to make one DVD for each month. (each DVD only holds a little more than 4G so if one month has more than 4G of pics my life is really going to be difficult!) I am going to make 2 copies of each and put one set somewhere far away from me (maybe i will get a safe deposit box). Then, going forward at the end of each month, I am going to back up that month right away, so i am never again faced with backing up 4 years of photos (well mostly just 2.5).... in other words, dont expect too many posts from me for the next week, b/c i think might nights are going to be spend making dvds.

So for all of you reading this, if you dont have an external hard drive back up of your digital photos, make one now. And if you dont have CDs/DVDs of them, start doing that as well, b/c when you are faced with the fact that you might never get to easily scroll through all your wonderful digital memories again you will be really sad.