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I have been mentioning Amber's need to hear me sing songs over and over and over, or to have me play them in the car. I have also mentioned (i think) how she, like just about every other toddler out there, is not very interested in eating most of the time, especially if its not chicken, in a nugget form and if you are out of 'dip' (ketchup). Tonight Amber and I came to an understanding. We found a middle ground where we can both get what we want and make the other happy at the same time. You might say I tricked her, or maybe its the other way around. You see, she didnt even want to eat more than one bite of nugget, or more than 3 pieces of watermelon and definitely no broccoli nugget. She was begging me to sing the pony song. I said, "ok, i will sing the pony song if you eat your chicken". I dont think she understood at first, but as soon as i put the chicken in her mouth I started singing. As soon as she spit it out, I stopped. After the second time she was on to me.... but she liked it! She ate, I sang. She stopped, I stopped. We made it through 3 chicken nuggets, 1 broccoli nugget and half a bowl of watermelon. I think i sang the pony song 5 times, the apples and cherries song twice, patty cake at least a dozen and itsy bitsy around 7. If I could have taken a video of myself I would have and posted it, b/c I was in true form... over acting out every movement... a broadway version of myself..... we will see if it works again tomorrow.


Your story reminds me of the song and dance routine that played every night at 2610 in the late 1970's. The very best of times....the moments you never forget! Luv u