Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

When we lived in NYC Amber was obsessed with airplanes. She would ride around in her stroller reclined looking up at the sky always pointing out the airplanes (i say always b/c just about every 3 min you can see an airplane or helicopter overhead in new york). She calls them 'A-Ps' (although every day it is sounding more and more like airplane). Dave taught her how to say airplane in chinese, Feiji (or some spelling like that) and she uses both. The few times (5 round trips) that we have been on airplanes, each time she shows more and more interest in the plane, the seat belts, the safety card, the buttons on the seats, etc. I bought her a toy plane to do nothing more than fuel her growing obsession. Now that we live on Cape Cod, Dave has to fly every week for work. We take him and pick him up from the tiny little airport in Provincetown. We have even waited to see him take off and arrived early to see him land. Once we even went inside the airport to play with the toy planes they have in the waiting area and talk to the nice airport staff.

In our getting to know the towns and establishments on lovely cape cod we came across a nice liquor store that has a great deal on cases of wine/champagne, so we stocked up our make-shift wine cellar for the summer. Dave likes to enjoy a nice bottle of wine with dinner or while fishing on the beach with friends.

Whenever Dave's parents feed Amber they always tell her to eat slowly, but in mandarin, which is Mamande (or some spelling), but Amber just hears 'mama' and always looks at me laughing and smiling thinking YehYeh is talking about me. Its very cute and happens every time.

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The other day I walk into a different liquor store carrying amber (b/c if i let her walk she would probably break something) and we had to walk through the wine section. Amber says "Dada, Wine!... Dada WINE!"

This week when Dave was gone, every time Amber saw an airplane, either in the sky, or in a book, she said "Dada, AP" or just "Dada"

This afternoon Amber was eating raisins and Dave said to her "slow, slow down", and Amber said "Mama! MAMA!"