Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

Song: Still a tie between Obwisanasana and Itsy Bitsy. She now requests, or rather DEMANDS that I play Obwisana again and again and again and again in the car... how she learned that you can skip songs on a CD so easily I'll never know. Similar with Itsy Bitsy, she asks me to sing and do the motions and then cutely asks again and if I dont start singing in the first tenth of a second after she asks, she starts to whine, and it just gets louder and louder until my thumbs and pointers meet.
Food: not grapes! - Amber was sick this week and half digested grapes were all over the house, so when she was better, there were no more grapes!
Toy: thermometer - we have one of those forehead scanner thermometers and after I took her temperature so much for 2 days and Dave came home with his fever from his tooth abscess, all Amber wanted to so was take daddy's temperature and try her own, a sense a doctor's kit toy in her future
Word: delicious and yummy - she uses these when she likes her food
Action: making the "out comes the sun" with her hands and face when we sing itsy bitsy