Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

Food: Tuna salad -- I have finally found a new food that Amber loves! at least this week, who knows about next week. I was making it for Dave (although i did buy the tuna for her, but i was going to feed it to her plain), and she wanted a bite and then refused to let anyone else have it. Not sure if that is because I said it was "daddy's tuna" and she loves her daddy, or if she just likes it... but 3 days in a row she ate it! She also really likes to say "Tooooona, toooooona"
Toy: rubber ducks in a bag -- for some reason she kept lining up the ducks on top of the pony. she did this several times over several days.
Word:a tie between "daddy" and "yep" -- Every day that Dave was around this week Amber said "daddy daddy daddy....." about 300 times in a row, then she would rest for a second and repeat! He loved it, but oh my, she sure can sound like a broken record. She learned to say "yep" in response to questions rather than "yes". I was not sure where she learned it until Dave came home.. sure enough he says yep often.... well amber says it all the time, I would say on the same scale as most toddlers say 'no'... lucky for me amber rarely says no. (or maybe unlucky)
Action: Going to look for the crab, fish, and lobster out in the garden. At some point someone showed Amber the Yard art that I have in the old Secret Garden (I used to take better care of the the secluded part of the yard on the way to the shed and I had it all decorated with stuff that i call yard art)... well she likes to walk back there and check on the sea creatures and make sure they are still there.
Song: The pony song - On the music together CD is a song about a pony. At the beginning of this song a pony neighs. This is amber's favorite part of the song. When we are in the car she requests not the song, but just the Neigh... b/c as soon as it is over, she MUST hear it again.... or else.