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Today's messy monday activity while very messy and needed to be done outside was actually quite clean :-) We gave her little people a bath. I got the idea from the crafty crow which got it here. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at Amber's enjoyment of this activity.... it provided hours of fun, and when i say that i am not exaggerating because the fun did last into the second hour, a record I think! We started out with a tub of water and 5 little people that Amber's Grammy gave her for easter, and a little frog joined us in the middle. Her favorite part of the whole thing (aside from washing their hair with a washcloth) was the soap... imagine our scene along the lines of the Mad Hatter's tea party in Alice in Wonderland... they keep pouring tea but no time to drink it before it needs to be poured again.... that was Amber with the soap. Squirt out the soap, set it down, opps! NEED MORE SOAP! go pick it up again. As you can see in this picture, she even squirted it right on their little heads. (I think we finally finished this bottle of soap that we have had since before she was born)..(she is also this way with Ketchup, but she calls it dip. She always needs more, she never seems to have enough on her plate and she refuses to eat until she has enough)I learned from this activity that she might one day become a chess player. She would move all the people around with such purpose and thought... from a distance it looked like she was playing chess, the way she would ponder, grap and move the person, then move one back a bit, pause, move again... soo cute. Here they are all in a line, ready to play again.
I even got a foot wash/massage not once but twice!! Talk about a relaxing activity for a sunny day.
Here she is again with the soap, this time the tub had migrated to the ground and it was the simple joy of squirting on the table and rubbing around with the cloth.
Finally she finished the bath with a bath for herself. She just could not get enough of washing her face... i think b/c she got soap in her nose and had to keep rubbing it b/c it was annoying :-) I think we could have gone even longer, but it was nap time.