Beneath this bowl of stars...

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We watched some Olympics this afternoon... off of Tivo, the women's gymnastics was a hit. Both Arman and Amber were running and jumping and trying to do headstands and be just like the girls on tv... i guess women's gymnastics appeals to everyone :-) it was very cute. We took a break when the rain stopped and went outside to let some energy out. First we did our own version of gymnastics olympics, where I would tell Arman what to do, like take 3 steps, jump, do a forward roll, jump, run and kick a beach ball. Next we set up a cross-country equestrian course. Amber hung out in her slide house and acted as judge, until she decided to give the jumps a try and went under, rather than over.

Finally we went back in to watch swimming and Arman and Amber shared some raisins.