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ok so this post is not about a full week in wellfleet, i was just referencing "a year in provence" by Peter Mayle.... we finally had some guests come to visit us here in wellfleet! 2 sets of guests! so needless to say, we have been busy entertaining, relaxing, shopping for food, sitting at the beach, eating, drinking, etc. Been a great week, but now we are cramming for our trip to europe, we leave in 23hrs! (actually like 18 hrs and we leave, and i have not even begun to pack, do laundry or anything, I am still looking for hotels and cars and trains and stuff!!! yikes! I have a ton of new pictures, that I probably will not every get uploaded or posted about, but maybe I will... once we return and i get my super dupery backup (not superDuper) set up and all my pictures are safe and sound and i see them all again and i remember everything i wanted to blog about. like more yard olympics and beach time and art.