Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

Song -- Hello Buddy (Hello Everybody)
Toy -- My old cabbage patch kid
Word -- lighthouse (we went to see a couple of lighthouses out here on the cape this week)
Game -- Finding China, Wellfleet and France on our little globe
Activity -- Tea Parties and changing the babies diaper
Food -- Cottage Cheese (back to her old favorite)
Obsession -- watching videos of Cleo and Nathan on the computer

There are things Amber has learned the past year that I totally understand....

"pone! Pone! Pone!" what she used to call the phone. Obviously this would be one of the first things she called by name and obsessed about, how could she not... Daddy is on his 97% of the day! ~Oct 07

"In this. In this." "Oh, you want to get in the car seat?" "yeah". ... ... "ok, lets get you out of your seat and you can go play with Emma"... etc etc. ~April 08

"uuuh uhhh uhhhrrgg" .. "Do you want me to help you turn on the light?" "eeehhhh" "ok, i will lift you up so you can flip the switch... on... off.... on... off" ~Sep 07-March 08

"this is a cow.. Moo. Cow says Moo". ~Aug 07

Then there are things that I have no clue how she figured them out, and I definitely do not remember specifically teaching her....

"pisa pisa pisa, heheheheeh, pisa" ~April 08

"mommy shower, amber shower, nathan shower, cleo shower...... mommy shower naked" - Overheard today as I took a shower.

"Hello Buddy, H E L L O BUDDY, HELLO B U D D Y... playdough, HelloBuddy, PLAYDOUGH". I started hearing this in the car a week or so ago. She was screaming for it, I didnt want to turn on the CD. Eventually I gave in and started singing it to her. SHe screamed louder, "Playdough Mommy, HelloBuddy". I could not figure out what she was talking about.... but then it hit me. She was not saying playdough. She was saying "Radio, Hello Buddy, Radio". How she learned what a radio is, and that i have control of it and that is what plays the recorded version of her song, i will never know, but I gave in and turned it on and she stopped screaming.

I dont know how I managed to capture this, but i love it. Dueling tongue sticking out.

or you might end up like me.... carring you kid over your shoulder passed out for nearly 1.5 miles.

It was a beautiful 65 degree afternoon, so i decided to take amber on a walk around a pond. It was a trail I had never been on before, but from the road it looked like a nice path around a pond that you could even take a stroller on.... so I decided to just let her walk and explore nature. one third of the way around I realized that it was not actually a pond at all, but a little tidal inlet, so there would be no going around. Instead the trail turned and went up a hill into the woods. Amber was having a great time so we continued. We looked at leaves and trees and jumped on benches. Then... all of the sudden, she needed to be carried. We tried on my back, but then she got sleepy and instantly passed out. Over the shoulder she went.... my hiking all the way back to the car. I obviously dont have a pic of me carrying her, but here is one from the trail before it turned into the woods:

Amber likes to sing her own version of one of the songs from music class, its called Hello Everybody, and in the song you sing people's names or when i sing it, the name of anything.... but when Amber sings it, its just Hello Buddy. (in the beginning of this video she is singing part of another song). This was in our hotel room in Paris, Amber has already learned (on her own) that first thing you do in a hotel room is jump on the bed.

When we were in belgium we ate a lot of muscles. Once night at dinner, amber asked to sit in my lap and then she just started digging in and eating! we were totally amazed.

while we were in Europe our P&S camera died. It had a nice end though, falling off a windmill. It actually survived that fall, took a few more days of pictures until it fell again at lunch. Dave was setting up the camera to take a family photo when he knocked it off as he ran toward us. Here is the windmill that we were standing at the base of for the drop:Here is the final picture that camera ever took, my guess is that it was somewhere around number 9000.And here is one of the first ten pictures the new camera took:
The new camera is a canon sd790. We also ordered a replacement for the SLR that amber broke months ago, luckily we procrastinated, b/c the D90 just came out!

Today Amber made a huge realization.... she can eat dip (in this case ketchup), not just with fries, nuggets, chips, etc, but with her finger! She was so excited and proud of this that she even made me taste the dip off her finger. She then continued and ate and entire plate of ketchup.

I didnt take a picture, but here is a random cute pic of her:

went to europe, friends came to visit, got a cold, still here.
more to come when i can get past the fact that i will never find the time to blog about the days in the past that i missed and when i can actually use at least 50% of my aching brain.