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or you might end up like me.... carring you kid over your shoulder passed out for nearly 1.5 miles.

It was a beautiful 65 degree afternoon, so i decided to take amber on a walk around a pond. It was a trail I had never been on before, but from the road it looked like a nice path around a pond that you could even take a stroller on.... so I decided to just let her walk and explore nature. one third of the way around I realized that it was not actually a pond at all, but a little tidal inlet, so there would be no going around. Instead the trail turned and went up a hill into the woods. Amber was having a great time so we continued. We looked at leaves and trees and jumped on benches. Then... all of the sudden, she needed to be carried. We tried on my back, but then she got sleepy and instantly passed out. Over the shoulder she went.... my hiking all the way back to the car. I obviously dont have a pic of me carrying her, but here is one from the trail before it turned into the woods: