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There are things Amber has learned the past year that I totally understand....

"pone! Pone! Pone!" what she used to call the phone. Obviously this would be one of the first things she called by name and obsessed about, how could she not... Daddy is on his 97% of the day! ~Oct 07

"In this. In this." "Oh, you want to get in the car seat?" "yeah". ... ... "ok, lets get you out of your seat and you can go play with Emma"... etc etc. ~April 08

"uuuh uhhh uhhhrrgg" .. "Do you want me to help you turn on the light?" "eeehhhh" "ok, i will lift you up so you can flip the switch... on... off.... on... off" ~Sep 07-March 08

"this is a cow.. Moo. Cow says Moo". ~Aug 07

Then there are things that I have no clue how she figured them out, and I definitely do not remember specifically teaching her....

"pisa pisa pisa, heheheheeh, pisa" ~April 08

"mommy shower, amber shower, nathan shower, cleo shower...... mommy shower naked" - Overheard today as I took a shower.

"Hello Buddy, H E L L O BUDDY, HELLO B U D D Y... playdough, HelloBuddy, PLAYDOUGH". I started hearing this in the car a week or so ago. She was screaming for it, I didnt want to turn on the CD. Eventually I gave in and started singing it to her. SHe screamed louder, "Playdough Mommy, HelloBuddy". I could not figure out what she was talking about.... but then it hit me. She was not saying playdough. She was saying "Radio, Hello Buddy, Radio". How she learned what a radio is, and that i have control of it and that is what plays the recorded version of her song, i will never know, but I gave in and turned it on and she stopped screaming.