Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

This week Amber has done several things that I feel should be captured here, I wish I could do a post about each of them, but I dont think I have it in my tonight, so instead here are bullets of each cute thing:

- Amber has been obsessed recently with big and little. She labels just about everything and it is fascinating to me that she understands that a big mushroom (we look for mushrooms on our hikes) is much much smaller than a big car. She gets very excited when she can see both the little and the big at the same time. Sometimes she even says HUGE.

- the other night, Amber was not eating anything for dinner, and she wanted to play... so I said that she had to eat one little grape tomato and then she could. No luck, so eventually I just gave up... then as I was cleaning up she said she wanted a tomato (I was shocked that she remembered that I said she needed to eat one to play)... so she ate it and then went on playing.... about half and hour later I noticed that she had something in her cheek. Sure enough, she had the little tomato tucked away in her cheek just like a squirrel.

- There is a song from music class that Amber sings and requests all the time about a pony who gallops down the country lane. This evening we were doing our little walk down the road to the ocean and I said to emma "run emma run" and emma started running and amber said "emma country, emma country" she was associating emma running down our little road with the pony galloping down the country lane, how does she even know what a gallop is?

- "What's this?" - I guess for a while now I have been asking Amber (as well as other people ask her) what certain things are, animals, letters, numbers, colors... all the basic toddler stuff. In the last couple weeks she has been asking me "what's this" at first it was for things she didnt know, but now its turned into a game and she asks me things that she knows but she wants me to tell her and she claps when i get them right :-) also at bed time she asks me every night what the smoke detector, daddy's armoire and the door hinge are... not sure if its a game or just now part of our bedtime routine.

- Time to ride the bicycle... this evening when we were going on our walk, I asked Amber if she wanted to go rider her bicycle, and she jumped up and went off mumbling something about needing to put on her jacket and her shoes, and she went on and on until I helped her get all ready... it was sooo cute.

- "amber poop on the potty" - every night this week amber has requested to poop on the potty. So far there has been no pooping but it has become part of our pre-bath ritual. She sits and I read the pigs in the tub book and then quiz her on letters (all of this through her request)... so I guess this is a good thing and eventually the poop will make an appearance.
I had at least 2 more little tidbits, but i cannot remember them at the moment.