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Thanks to Amber's new love of big and little, we have reached another practically overnight, sleeping milestone! For the past 11 months, Amber has gone to bed relatively easily in her own bed but when wakes up a few hours later and finds herself in our bed. Lately the reason is that she does not have her own room (again). She used to wait around 4hrs, about the time I was coming to bed... this worked well. In recent months the time has been getting shorter and shorter.... like an hour and a half the last week or so. What this means is that I either had to go to bed early, let her cry until she feel back asleep, or go in for who knows how long to try to get her back to sleep in her bed (since i was afraid to put her in the our bed alone, and b/c she would not just contently lie there without me). The other night we had a small crisis going on and when she awoke I could not go in and help her get to sleep nor come to bed yet, and she was not giving up on crying, so in desperation as she was shouting out for the "big bed"... "amber big bed" I asked her if she wanted to sleep in the big bed, and if it was ok if she slept there without mommy. She said "Yeah"... I put her there, closed the door and didnt hear a peep from her until 6am! Thats the longest stretch ever! The next night, during bedtime routine, she told me she was ready for "Amber's bed", for the "little bed". When she woke up less than 2 hrs later, she said "big bed" when I entered the room. I repeated the steps from the night before and sure enough, 6am came before she needed me. :-)

(its actually a few days since I originally wrote this, and the big bed is still happening, not always sleeping until 6am, but definitely better at night.)