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I should have learned a couple weeks ago when reading a friend's blog to steer Amber away from balloons if I wanted to keep the peace for the afternoon, because although parents think balloons make kids smile, in the end something always goes wrong. Today we were walking down the street and there was a guy on a bike with a big bouquet of balloons. They were very bright and colorful and I wanted Amber to have one... I thought it would make our stroll home a little more fun. We wanted her to pick, but she didnt really seem to care. They had chinese zodiac cartoon characters like a pig and a fish and a lion and one of the olympics characters, and of course Dora. Amber only knows who Dora is from the few hours she spent at the Kids Club at my gym in nyc last winter, but whenever she sees Dora or Diego on anything she wants it :-( I was trying to point her in the direction of the pig (she has had an interest in pigs this week) and she spotted the evil Dora. I had already selected the pig... Dave was paying and I was tying it on the stroller. She started crying for Dora. I thought it would pass, but as we turned to walk away it got worse, "no pig, give pig back" and then "Amber needs Dora... Amber NEEDS Dora" As horrified as I was that my kid NEEDED Dora, it was sooo sad. I mean we bought the balloon to make her happy, not sad and crying. So, Dave turned around and payed double for Dora (the pig was 5rmb and Dora was 10rmb)... we gave the pig back. A block later after not wanting Dora tied on the stroller and wanting Daddy to hold her, Amber proclaimed that she now needed the pig. I spent the rest of the 30 min or so walk home with Dora punching me in the head and blinding my view (which is really quite challenging while trying to walk in Shanghai). We got home and she still remembers the pig, but I think is happy enough with her Dora selection. (on a slightly related note, sometimes at night when I am putting Amber to bed, she will call out to Dave, "Daddy I need you" b/c she need to kiss him goodnight, thats a really cute use of the word 'need').