Beneath this bowl of stars...

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Today we went for a long stroll b/c it was such a nice day. We wandered over to the area with the little markets that I had tried to find last weekend. I found it and found the sticker stall and wood toy stall far too fast. So fast that I spent most of the cash that I brought with me for the day. In wandering over to the umbrellas, I past a woman selling mittens and gloves that she claimed were cashmere. Regardless of the material, I knew Amber needed some of the cute little kid ones with faces on them and I should get a pair too. Before I knew it, I had spent almost off the little remaining money I had. As I was walking away I realized that I am an idiot. While I only paid about $2.75 for each pair, it was far far far FAR more than I could/should have paid. :-( It was now lunch time and I didnt have enough money to buy Burger King for my kid. Bad bad shopaholic mom. I had to resort to street food. This is what 75cents (5rmb) will buy you (yum yum):

For dinner we were on our own b/c Dave had a business dinner. We went out to eat at the Turkish place downstairs. My beer was 55rmb (~$7.50), our food came to 100rmb, this was not even a fancy place, just a fancy location.

Its amazing how the price for something as simple as filling your stomach can change so much just by walking a few blocks, or climbing a few stairs.