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So as I mentioned yesterday, the cheap umbrellas are not made to last long. Today was my second use of the umbrella and I think it made it about 25min.

It was pouring today. The Ayi (maid), was here from 9:30-12:30 and Amber hates the vacuum so I decided we needed to be out of the apartment... and I had really wanted to venture down the street to the diaper market. Shanghai, much like New York City's districts, has streets where one item or category of items/goods are sold and sometimes this is the only place in the city where you can get these things, or at least with as much ease. In NYC you have the lighting district, the garment or fabric district, the diamond district, the rug district, the pickel street, Korea street, chinatown, etc. So far in Shanghai I have personally seen the ribbon/thread market, several antique markets (sometimes a market is on the street, as in just the stores on that street spilling out onto the sidewalk, and other times it is an indoor market much like the indoor stalls on Canal street in nyc. If you have never seen those, then it is much like booths at a trade show on multiple levels but with tons of crap loaded in them), tourist crap market, children's clothes market, umbrella/sunglasses market (all cheap worthless umbrellas), the sticker/toy market, vegetable markets, fish markets, street food markets (street), Hot pot street, chinese furniture street, tiny turtle and cricket street (there are actual markets but i have not been there yet) and now the diaper market. I have to add that the diaper market was really an all encompassing undergarmet market. There were plenty of pajamas, women's underwear, granny panties, socks, tights, etc. The stores that sold diapers had all sorts of off brands/copies piled everywhere. They all had examples of the diapers and pads (they also sold things like depends and those blue and white hospital pads that some people use for puppies as weewee pads). Then there were other stores that actually sold branded diapers like Huggies, Pampers and some european brands.... but just like the other versions of the branded diapers I have found around town, all of these are made in china and nothing like the product back in it's home country. I took one of Amber's Pampers cruisers to show to the shop owners in hope that they might have something, any brand that was similar. I have found that the feature I covet the most are the stretchy tabs. Most people instantly looked and shook their heads. I did find one nice man who made it his 5 min mission to find some for me. He took the diaper and escorted me to several shops across and down the street talking to other owners and emphasising the stetching tab when they tried to show me other pampers. In the end, no stretchy tabs in all of China. Good thing lots of you are coming to visit me. Your entrance fee is a suitcase of diapers (perfect b/c you can fill it with goodies to bring home).

So, in all the going in and out of the diaper shops, I opened and closed the umbrella (remember it requires multiple hands), around half a dozen times, and one of the cheap metal arms broke right in two. Just like I predicted. Of course I was in the diaper market and not the umbrella market.

After our soggy diaper outing, we went to Papa Johns Pizza for lunch. It's right down stairs from us and I needed someplace to waste another hour before the Ayi left. I originally had thought it was a Papa Ginos, but no, it was Papa Johns. I later googled and learned that while they have very very similar logos and concepts, Papa Ginos is only MA/New England and Papa Johns is global. Then we came back up for Amber's (and my) nap. As Amber woke up, she was mumbling "just like daddy's umbrella", "umbrella just like daddy" and then just a little more about umbrellas. I can only imagine that she awoke from some dream about an umbrella sparked by our drippy little walk with Mommy talking about our sad broken umbrella.

Tomorrow its off to the umbrella market, or better yet, maybe the fake market for a good fake Burbury?