Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

We arrived on 10/30. Just in time to find out about the trick or treating that was happening in our building. We all met in the lobby and then crammed in the elevators and entry ways. (in our building, there are 4 elevator banks, and about 30 floors, well not really 30, b/c there is no floor 2,4,13,14,24 and probably at least one other number is omitted for some superstitious reason). There are 4 apartments on each floor. Each one has its own elevator stop and entry way. This is great for storing shoes and strollers, but not so great for trick or treating.

But as you can see, Amber still had a great time taking her treats :-)

There is a beautiful park with a lake and fountains pretty much just down stairs from us. We took a stroll through yesterday and saw some wild cats. Amber really liked them, and kept saying meow, even when we came back hours later. In another park that is near us, they have birds in cages hanging in the trees. I will try to take a picture soon.
The building directly behind the right handle bar is our building. We are on what they call the 16th floor. (one floor above the mosquito line).
You cant tell from the photos, but it was a glorious sunny day (at least as far as shanghai is concerned) and the locals took the opportunity to wash and dry their blankets. You might need to enlarge this photo to really see the blankets hanging from the traffic lights. I didnt get a very good picture b/c I didnt want to look like a silly American tourist taking a picture of laundry so I tried to take it secretly.