Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

song/dance: Hokey Pokey - Amber will start singing random parts of the song at various times throughout the day. Some times she says "Hokey Pokey" just perfectly, other times its a total consonant mess. She spins round and round saying "thats what its all about"
toy: baby bed from ikea - she can actually carry the bed around and she brings it all around the apartment. I turn my head for a second and then its in the kitchen.
food: $1 a slice cheese - (thats how much a sandwich size slice of imported cheese costs here)
word/phrase: "no mommy, go away" - whenever I stumble upon her doing something or getting into somethign that she should not, or if she anticipates what I am going to do, or take her to do, she says this to me.
thing to tantrum about: changing the baby dolls diaper, she cannot put it on and needs it to be changed every 38 seconds. So she takes it off and tantrums until i put it back on.
place to sleep: BIG GIRL BED!!! we are on night 5.