Beneath this bowl of stars...

toddler activites, food, photos, and other orbital occurrences

Nature item to look for: "Circle Moon" -- Any time the moon is full Amber calls it circle moon and loves looking for the moon in the sky. She gets very sad when we are out walking and a building gets in the way, she calls out "can't see it, can't see it" with a very sad and disappointed tone.Activity: counting -- for the past few months Amber has been working on counting. It really started last winter when she was about 13 months (could have been earlier). She had some pajamas with snaps on them and each night I would count the snaps. In the beginning she loved 7 and 8. As soon as I said 7 she would scream out 8! This became a really fun game that everyone I told about it loved to play with her. Then one day she refused to talk about 8 anymore. If you said 7, she said 9. Every week or so her favorite numbers changed and then one day she started counting 1,2,4,10. This lasted most of the summer. Eventually, 5,6 and 7 made their way into her lineup. Sometimes she would include 9 but not so often. Poor 3 had never even been spoken. For some reason she refused to acknowledge its existence. (even when we played with the foam bathtub letters and numbers she could recognize and name all letters and numbers but not 3) Then one day 3 showed up and has been around ever since. About the time we arrived in china (~2 weeks ago) Amber finally started counting 1-10 with all number included. She also (just last night) mastered A,B,C... she's almost had it for a while, but always left out E. Sometimes she would say A,B,C,D,D,F, or sometimes A,B,C,D,F, i think for some reason she just didn't hear it when we said/sang the song, but she could always pick E out of a lineup. I guess its time to move onto 3 letter words? Oh and we got her an abacus to practice counting. She loves to count things, but if she cannot touch it (like if we are just counting pictures in a book), she just keeps counting to 10 or 8 or some number much bigger than the amount of things. With the abacus she can slide the beads across and count.
Restaurant pass time: stickers -- this has been an eat out activity for a while, but she has rediscovered it with the my acquisition of new stickers. Game: Find the (fill in color here) item. Amber really enjoys when you ask her to find something that is a color. She also likes to just tell you when she sees things like a green bus, or blue car. When you ask her something like "where is the orange shoe" so looks for a while and then when she sees it she proclaims "OH OH OH Right There!" with so much excitement!
Food: dumplings